Release 6.5 for Miarmy brings Layer Cache Based Dynamics simulation, new and easier formation control, a new self clone toolkit, support for Arnold 3.0 and V-Ray 3.6, and much more.

Assemble My Army – Better Crowd Simulation for Maya

Miarmy is the innovative, revolutionary and easy to use toolkit for Autodesk Maya crowd simulation, behavioral animation, creature physics and rendering, making your work more intelligent.

What’s new in Miarmy 6.5?

Layer Cache Based Rigid Body Simulations

With Layer Cache Based Dynamics simulation, all layer cached agents can enable dynamics and create a shell interactive with the simulating agents. With this technique, we can simulation big number of dynamical agents like 10K-30K or more.

New & Easier Formation Control

With a single direct logic language, you can easily control the formation now in 2D and 3D views. Agent can move towards the target placer automatically. Also the formation control can be used on top of other logics to arrange priority, like to avoid spot or zone. It will be much easier to simulate sardine fish ball than before.​

​Self Clone Instancing Simulation and Rendering

For simulating birds or fishes, we added a new self clone toolkit into our system, it is a new system allows us to add some “droid” or “drone” agents around current agent. It works like interpolation, they will move along with the main agent smoothly and can auto avoid each other and perform some minor behaviors, it is going to support more features in future. Also in the background, It supports transformation change, render, cache etc.​​​

Dynamic Bones Lock on Geometry

Now you can easily lock the dynamic segments onto the geometry. You can also deform the geometry by cloth simulation or skin-bone keyframes, to achieve more controllable result.​

New OpenGL Viewport (Beta)

We’ve been rewriting the entire viewport for the last 3 months. Using the latest OpenGL 3.3 and GPU computing, it gets much faster and stabler, and is compatible with all platforms (win, Linux & macOS) and viewport 2. Additionally, the new viewport is more user-friendly. This feature is in beta now. Full release will be in Miarmy 7 (September).​

New Brain Share UI and Decision Outliner

​This feature was inspired by a real production. If you are trying to simulate a scene with 40 agent types, you can now simply check/edit/share the decision logic from the latest brain share UI and outliner. It’s very easy and time-efficient.

New RenderMan Plugin
​In the new version of Miarmy, we’ve re-wrote the prman render procedural and exporter and now it supports pixar renderman and 3delight better. It also supports native shaders and randomize them better. You don’t need to compile and deal with shaders anymore.

Bug Fixes

Prman Precision caused jitter on rendered object
fixed some engine issue of depth parse
agent reset with cloth reset
timer not random enough
rate control conflict with auto sphere control
brain share some trash nodes cause it not work

Minor Upgrades

cloth force field
crossroad reborn
drive shell support agent scale
spot distance with geometry (control from a feature of 6.2)
​add dead flag when playing final action
Arnold 3.0 Support
V-Ray 3.6 Support

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