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A portrait of Pamela Spriggs

By Ian Spriggs Web: The amazing Ian Spriggs shares his Maya workflow for creating his family portraits... Ian Spriggs takes you through how he creates his hyper-realistic family portraits in Maya workflow for creating his family portraits. Step 01: The model Starting the model was quite a challenge. I started out in Maya with

This Pacific Rim: Uprising VFX Video Shows How Mo-Cap Performers Become 300-Foot-Tall Jaegers

  Pacific Rim Uprising may not have lived up to its predecessor, but it’s still a fun movie about giant monsters fighting giant robots that, sorry to break it to you, weren’t actually so giant before the film’s visual effects artists worked their magic. VFX studio DNEG shared this behind-the-scenes look at

An Empirical Rig For Jaw Animation

 In computer graphics the motion of the jaw is commonly modelled by updown and left-right rotation around a fixed pivot plus a forward backward translation, yielding a three dimensional rig that is highly suited for intuitive artistic control. The anatomical motion of the jaw is, however, much more complex since

Pixar’S Demo Of Its Real-Time Hair System For Incredibles 2

This video accompanies a talk to be given by Andrew Butts and Ben Porter at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver. Pixar's demo of its real-time hair system for Incredibles 2. Artists can interact with every hair eventually rendered inside the viewport, not just the guide hairs...