Check out Exxfire 3D Animation. The animation is done in Maya & After Effects.

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  1. 3D Animation: Precisely What Your Product Requires

    2017 saw the value of the global animation market rise to $254 billion. The market has unquestionably grown since that time. This industry is bound to develop, especially now that it has proved to be an effective marketing tool.
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    3D animation has been synonymous with the entertainment industry for the greater part of its history. This is mainly because animation has kept us captivated in movie theatres for the longest time. In the recent past, however, 3D animation is increasingly being utilized to showcase products.

    Does 3D animation beat conventional methods of showcasing products?


    Just look at brand names such as Gillette and Apple. Look at the Gillette ads and you’ll realize that a simple animation developed a lowly shave into an adventure. The big gain for the brand is the perception the animation creates. Gillette sets itself apart from its competitors by taking this new method to marketing. The quality of the animation is deemed reflective of the brand’s quality. That is just what a great 3D product animation will do for your brand; it will make you stand shoulders above the competition.

    There are three primary reasons why you should add 3D animation to your marketing stratagem:

    1.Profit Minded Prototyping: Releasing a prototype to the market is a really costly affair. To be fair, they do the job but, what if there was a more affordable alternative? Well, now you can. 3D product animation models your product in a virtual world and exposes it to the market. That is to say, you have the necessary feedback from the market without suffering the cost of a prototype.

    2. First Impressions Come Once: Let’s face it, the majority of products are boring. Imagine the Gillette brand without the 3D animation. Would it not put you to sleep in the very first five seconds?

    3D product animation has the capability to transform even the most boring of products into a blockbuster. Every product is amazing in a virtual world- especially after a few special effects. Do it properly and the market will obsess over your product.

    Apple’s iPhone X is a good example of this phenomenon. The marketing campaign was predominantly centered on3D models. Many other brand names including Microsoft, Huawei, and Samsung have also employed 3D product animations. Now you know why they dominate their respective markets.

    3.Money Matters: 3D product animation is not an expense, it is a save. Aside from advertising, the 3D model can also be utilized to distinguish glitches in an unfinished product. Designers are afforded the chance to improve the brand before the prototypes come out.

    Animation is easily the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is. With the increasing popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing, it helps to show that you’re familiar with the latest trends.

    Your product can gain a lot from 3D technologies. The animation will give your product an aura of suspense and class that the market simply finds irresistible. Being a contemporary development, animation provides your product legitimacy in the modern market. You will be surprised to know how many good products fail to sell because of how they introduced themselves to the market.

    Don’t add to that sad statistic. Stir things up. Turn your ad into a 3D tale presenting your product as the sophisticated and irresistible hero. Everybody likes those, or don’t you?

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