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    In any case, it is worth remembering that the beginning of the text determines a lot. For this reason, the introductory part of the essay should contain something that will allow the reader not to fall asleep and not abandon your text in the middle. There are several techniques for this, we will highlight the two most obvious ones.

    The first strategy is to choose an interesting study bay review and make it very clear at the beginning of the essay. Think about who your audience is (a university professor, for example) and avoid trivial topics, unless you are going to wow the reader with an ultra-original interpretation of something familiar. It is important to remember that every topic not only has potential and content that makes it relevant to a particular reader, but also – the pitch.

    A huge number of unsuccessful essays begin with an inept presentation of a topic that could have been interesting. If you have any sense of how your approach to the topic differs from others, it should be mentioned at the beginning. So remember: The topic will not take itself out, it is important to formulate it clearly and interestingly at the beginning of the text. Otherwise, you take a risk: even a teacher forced to finish reading your verse is primarily a reader, who usually unconsciously creates an impression of the text on the first paragraphs.

    The second approach that can hold the reader’s attention is anticipation. It often requires more skill, although some have no problem with it. This approach to essays could be called the “snowball” or “chain” principle-either each previous sentence makes you read the next, or the whole thing falls apart.

    In most cases, there are two tools for this – intrigue and style. You either subtly hint at something, or you enthrall with the beauties of the syllable, which makes the reader want to and keep reading. That’s why it’s often recommended that you begin an essay with a question (intrigue) or a vivid phrase (style). Free style and composition in essays is what the text is designed to have some zest.

    Even if you feel the lack of some interesting thoughts of your own, the essay can be quality-if you can see the author in it, his view, the language, the rhythm of the text, the search for arguments. As in any text (especially a small one) the author should remember about the alternation of short phrases and long ones, and also avoid complicated terms, general phrases, unsubstantiated statements.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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