ftrack releases ftrack Studio 4

ftrack has released ftrack Studio 4, the latest version of its cloud-based production-tracking system, adding support for cross-project views, and overhauling integration with Nuke Studio.

The new features will be on show at Siggraph 2018 later this month.

A versatile cloud-based production tracking system
Since its public launch in 2012, ftrack has been widely adopted within the visual effects industry: The Mill, MPC and Luma Pictures have all used it in production, along with a range of small-to-mid-sized studios.

The system, which is integrated with standard production tools from Autodesk, Foundry, Adobe and Maxon, provides a set of version-control, team-management, time-tracking, scheduling, and shot review features.

New in ftrack Studio 4: cross-project views and better integration with Nuke Studio
New features in ftrack Studio 4 include cross-project views, enabling producers to track multiple projects through a single ‘holistic view’.

According to ftrack, “new filters and attributes are accessible for additional freedom and flexibility when customizing the most efficient view for your projects”.

The platform’s integration with Nuke Studio has also been “rewritten from the ground up”, making it possible to publish EDLs and audio to ftrack, with versioning of clips and tracks.

Other changes include new light and dark themes for the UI, and a localised Simplified Chinese edition.

ftrack Review from ftrack on Vimeo.

ftrack Review: pricing announced, due in early access
Ftrack’s blog post announcing the update also mentions that it is beginning early access for ftrack Review, the new entry-level edition of the service for shot review and approval, “later this year”.

ftrack has also announced pricing for Review, which will start at $15/month/user.

Pricing and availability
ftrack Studio 4 is available now. Pricing starts at $25/month/user. There is also a new Enterprise plan, which includes single sign-on and optional self-hosting, and starts at $30/month/user.

Read a full list of new features in ftrack Studio 4 on ftrack’s blog

Register for the upcoming public beta of ftrack Review


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