All works were done in Houdini and rendered in Mantra except textures for houses which were painted in Mari.

Each smoke explosion was simulated with constant speed, after primary sim I've advected color by primary vel field in Color Advect solver and in the third step Density and Cd fields were retimed with support of Retime Solver 4-5 times and in the last step I've exported retime curves from Nuke into chops and used its values as a file name for getting the right frame from retimed cache.

All houses were modeled in Houdini almost procedurally with procedural uv mapping.

Destruction shots were simulated with support of native Houdini13 Bullet Solver with glue, spring, pin and cone twist constraint networks and sop solvers were used to modify the behavior and break constraints.

If you've got any question about destruction setups and volumetric effects feel free to ask me.
Thank you for watching.

Special thanks to Vladislav Tushevskiy - Houdini FX TD/Teacher at Method Studios LA and Online-Vfx and Stanislav Pologrudov FX Supervisor/Lead FX TD/Teacher at Pixel Bears Moscow and Online-Vfx.

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