The Zoo Tools Pro Light Suite is a collection of lighting tools for Maya. It includes over 100 Light Presets, a HDRI Browser with images and more. Create and add your own presets and HDRI images too. Only *$10 for a limited time.

*The Light Suite comes with Zoo Tools Pro which is bundled with the Create 3d Characters site subscription. $10 and you can cancel anytime ( no lock-in) and keep the tools and other downloads forever!


More Information With Live Demo Videos In Each Renderer

Create 3d Character's site subscription also comes with 50hrs of training for modelling, rigging texturing, lighting and animating characters. Rigs, demo files and hotkeys are also included.

One month is enough to download Zoo Tools Pro and the Light Suite as seen here. Keep the tools they have a commercial license.


This offer is for a limited time until the release of Zoo Tools Pro v2.

Download and start your training using the Light Suite and Light Presets.

Zoo Tools Pro Credits
Andrew Silke (instructor) and David Sparrow

Place Reflection Open Source Script by brave rabbit

Thanks to the following sites for allowing us to include their lo-res HDRI maps. For super high-quality HDRIs see...
HDRI Skies hdri-skies.com
HDR Labs hdrlabs.com/

Artist Credits
Drone: Turbo Squid, turbosquid.com/3d-models/c4d-2-1-dji-phantom/1040390 (Shaders Andrew Silke)
Croc Rig: concept Art by James Castillo facebook.com/murfishart 3d by Andrew Silke (instructor)
Pencil Lamp: All 3d Andrew Silke (instructor), based on a photo of the product by michaelandgeorge.com/
Natalie Rig: Andrew Silke (instructor)
Robo Rig: concept art by Guy Jamieson, Illustrated by Deanna Hewitt 3d by Andrew Silke (instructor)
Oris Watch: free model by R Chavez archive3d.net/?a=download&id=6beb1f6b Shaders by Andrew Silke (instructor)
Pleased Dragon: concept art by Ville Sinkkonen artstation.com/villes 3d by Andrew Silke (instructor)
Shader Bot: Andrew Silke (instructor)
Toon Tortoise: Andrew Silke (instructor)
Zanzi Rig: concept by Kim Allen & Chee Ghee 3d by Andrew Silke (instructor)
Styracosaurus: concept Javier Burgos Andrew Silke (instructor)

Macbeth Chart: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ColorChecker
Ear Displacement: Autodesk Mudbox displacement stamp
Sofa: turbosquid.com/3d-models/cassina-eloro-model-1305337

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