Reallusion has launched iClone Motion Live, a new unified multi-device solution for simultaneous full-body, facial and hand motion capture based around its iClone real-time animation software.

It aggregates data streams from a range of technology, making it possible to drive iClone characters using data captured via Faceware, Xsens, Perception Neuron, OptiTrack and Leap Motion systems.

The Motion Live plugin around which the solution is based actually shipped a couple of months ago, but Reallusion and its hardware partners have only just begun to promote the technology publicly.

Mix and match full-body, facial and hand capture data recorded on top manufacturers’ systems
iClone Motion Live supersedes Reallusion’s existing dedicated integrations with Faceware Technologies‘ markerless facial capture solution and Noitom’s Perception Neuron inertial mocap systems.

Instead, the new Motion Live plugin accepts data streams from a range of capture systems, making it possible to combine different full-body, facial and hand capture solutions on a single 3D character.

As well as Perception Neuron, the list of full-body capture solutions supported now includes Xsens‘ MVN Link and MVN Awinda inertial systems and OptiTrack‘s marker-based optical systems.

Facial capture is still based around Faceware’s markerless technology, while Leap Motion‘s Leap Motion Controller can be used for markerless hand and finger tracking.

Use different sets of data sources for different characters, or blend separate recordings
Once individual data streams have been assigned to each part of a character within Motion Live, users can preview the captured motion on a 3D character inside iClone in real time.

The system uses Autodesk’s HumanIK technology to retarget data to a character with different proportions to that of the mocap actor, or to mirror the data.

It’s possible to use different combinations of data streams for different characters, and to preview the results or start and stop the recording simultaneously, via a single unified interface.

A full-screen mode hides the UI when using the system for live events, and the system also supports chroma keying and light matching when working with greenscreen setups.

When recording data for use offline, a layering system makes it possible to combine data streams recorded in separate capture sessions, with the option to mask out unwanted body parts.

Multiple products needed to make a complete system
As usual with Reallusion, assembling a mocap system means buying a number of separate products.

As well as iClone and its new Motion Live plugin, that means a ‘profile’ corresponding to each type of motion-capture hardware that you want to use with the system.

In addition, if you want to import characters created in other DCC applications, or export the completed animation to game engines like UE4, Unity or CryEngine, you’ll need the 3DXchange Pipeline add-on.

And, obviously, you’ll need the mocap hardware itself, which is sold separately.

Pricing and availability
iClone Motion Live is available now. All of the software is Windows-only, and compatible with Windows 7+. iClone has an MSRP of $199, as does the Motion Live plugin, and 3DXChange Pipeline has an MSRP of $499.

The Leap Motion profile has an MSRP of $99, the Perception Neuron profile has an MSRP of $999, the Faceware profile has an MSRP of $1,590, and OptiTrack and Xsens are priced on enquiry.

That’s considerably more than the old dedicated solution for Faceware, although owners of the Faceware and Perception Neuron plugins get a free upgrade.

Reallusion is currently offering discounts and bundle deals on the products, including a Leap Motion-based hand tracking bundle for $249 and a Faceware/Perception Neuron full-body bundle for $2,000.

Read an overview of the iClone Motion Live system on Reallusion’s website

Read more about the new Motion Live plugin in the online documentation

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