• cghow.com

    Sneak peek: KeyShot 8

     Luxion has posted a teaser for KeyShot 8, the next major update to its rendering and technical animation software, showing off its new volumetric...

  • How to Render with KeyShot

    By Mario Malagrino, Italy Web: http://www.mariomalagrino.com   Before I begin the tutorial, let me say a few words about KeyShot. KeyShot is a very user...

  • Creating hyperreal illustrations

    By Léandre Hounnaké Web: https://www.behance.net/HLeandre Léandre Hounnaké shares how he makes awesome hyperreal illustrations… Before starting on any modeling, it’s a good idea to gather...

  • Pixologic ships ZBrushCore 2018

    Pixologic has released ZBrushCore 2018, the latest version of its cut-down edition of ZBrush targeted at hobbyists, students, 3D printing enthusiasts and illustrators. The first...

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