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  • Spaceship for tutorial on Modeling Props for Videogames


  • Alien Creature


  • Pacific Rim Uprising: Designing the Kaiju – Weta Workshop

      Pacific Rim Uprising: Designing the Kaiju – Weta Workshop Legendary’s latest blockbuster, Pacific Rim Uprising, features creature design and sci-fi suits by the crew of Weta Workshop! Under one roof in our facility in Wellington, we produced designs for the Kaiju monsters, fabricated a series of highly technical pilot suits and helmets, and joined…

  • Zbrush 4R7 Tutorial – Hard Surface Techniques – Sci-Fi Device

    Zbrush 4R7 Tutorial – Hard Surface Techniques – Sci-Fi Device In this tutorial we’ll take a look at some new subject matter within Zbrush. This video covers some basic techniques behind concepting hard surface objects in Zbrush. Eugene will guide you through of some techniques to create more polished paneling as opposed to sculpting with…

  • Check out the new Substance Source Signature Series

    Originally posted on 24 January 2018. Scroll down for news of the latest update. Allegorithmic has launched the Substance Source Signature Series: a tongue-twisted new program intended to make collections of assets created by individual artists available from its online material library. The inaugural release in the series consists of 15 ground materials created by…

  • Making Gate 267

    By Wesley Vanitou Web: https://www.facebook.com/iamdemsugar Wesley Vanitou shares how he put his sci-fi corridor together using GIMP I made this project for a sci-fi competition on a French community website blenderlounge.fr. The task was to create a sci-fi corridor but the goal was more focused on the assets. I decided to push myself to create…

  • Modeling and rendering a sci-fi weapon

    By Chris Tulloch McCabe Web: http://christullochmccabe.22slides.com/ Concept artist Chris McCabe explains his process for modeling and rendering a sci-fi weapon asset with 3D-Coat, KeyShot, and Photoshop… Hi, my name is Chris Tulloch McCabe and I am a concept artist. I will be showing you my process when designing a sci-fi weapon. This workflow and approach…