Whats New In Nuke 11.2

Nuke 11.2 brings updates which improve user experience across the Nuke family and speed up heavy processing tasks, with huge benefits for pipelines and individual users. For full details on what’s new in Nuke 11.2

Nuke Studio Project Panel Improvements

In Nuke 11.2, Nuke Studio receives a huge boost from a collection of enhancements that make it easier to organize, manage and navigate. This feature also brings new functionality to the spreadsheet and the timeline including improved searching in the project bins and the ability to assign colors to clips based on file type and other parameters. For full details on what’s new in Nuke 11.2

Improved Tab Menu and Editing Mode

Nuke 11.2 includes a raft of improvements to the tab menu, making it faster to find and add nodes to a script, including an improved search that enables artists to find any node with three or fewer characters, and the ability to favorite commonly used nodes. Great for adding user knobs to LiveGroups and Gizmos, we’ve created a new interface allowing you to drag parameters between nodes, reducing the clicks needed to add a knob from an average of 7 to just 3

Improved Smart Vector Toolset

See the new updates to the Smart Vector Toolset in NukeX, including a new mask input and the ability to preview the output of the Smart Vector toolset without pre-rendering the vectors vis the new Live Output. For full details on what’s new in Nuke 11.2


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